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A Track

Our digital solution for all coaches.


We designed and built our own mobile app for coaches, offering an intuitive solution to effortlessly track attendance and generate reports.

Sport has always been a big part of people's lives and in this modern way of living, everything is being digitalized. Coaches have more and more responsibilities and roles, from teaching individuals how to do sports, simultaneously raising them and doing all the paperwork.


The question arises, how can we make it easier for them, so they don’t have to write it all down in a notebook and carry it with them all the time? We designed an app to track attendance and create reports much easier and faster than before.


To design a digital product that will enable users of all
ages to easily track attendance and create reports.

User interviews

In order to gather expert insights, we conducted user interviews specifically with sports coaches. These interviews allowed us to tap into their wealth of knowledge and experience in the field. Through their valuable perspectives, we gained a deeper understanding of the unique challenges, preferences, and requirements that coaches face in their daily routines. Here are some pain points that came out of that.

Keeping track of attendance with a notebook during training became a real headache, especially when dealing with factors like unexpected weather or simply forgetting, diverting my focus from coaching to administrative concerns.

Marin, football coach

The monthly ritual of handwriting reports proved to be not only time-consuming but also prone to complications like forgetting details or being affected by external factors, impacting the fluidity of my coaching responsibilities.

Lana, swimming coach


When user signs up, first he need to create his team. After that, enter his team name and add team members. If a user already has an excel file with a list of team members, he/she can import it instead of writing all the members down. If a user has more than one team, he can add as many as he wants. 


For a more personalized approach, the user can add activities to his team, like interval training or game day, and it will appear on the main screen so he can track attendance for those activities.

Style guide

After investing a good amount of time into creating our logo, we settled on a design that keeps things simple yet effectively communicates the essence of "A for attendance." Picture the letter "A" splitting into two parts, and when you flip one side, it transforms into a checkmark.

Considering the sports and team context, blue and red are the classic color choices. We opted for a calm mix of purplish-blue and sky blue to add a touch of interest while avoiding the boldness of red.

When it came to typography, we chose Poppins, a clean sans-serif typeface, to maintain a straightforward and modern look. Our goal was to keep it professional and uncomplicated


On the attendance screen the user chooses the activity that he wants to track attendance for and, by default, everyone is present. We choose that option because there is always more present than absent people at a training, so we wanted to make it easy for coaches to mark just the ones that are absent.


There is also an option to add a reason for the presence/absence of the member.


Statistics is one of the main features of this app that is very important for coaches. Having everything at one place and having the ability to export group or single member statistic reports, no matter what period of time, is making coaches' lives easier. And that is what we hoped we would do!

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