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A platform where kids can watch educational and fun videos and be protected.

The brief

The Cocoon Education App is a dedicated platform where children can access a treasure trove of educational and entertaining videos in a safe and protected environment. What sets us apart is our commitment to tailoring the user experience for each child, catering to their individual interests and passions, creating a truly personalized learning adventure.

Our clients Florian and x are dedicated to rerevolutionizing the way children engage with modern media and empower parents in the process. So they reach to us to design and develop their project.

Problem & Solution

Statistics shows that kids these days have more mental health problems and in general have worse grades. Since kids spent a lot of time on phone, parents want to protect their children from bad content that is now on every social platform.

Our goal is to make an app that is safe for kids, an app where they can learn through fun and educational videos. We will focus on every user individually through personalization of each experience that will be served according to their interests.


We believe that every child is unique, and that's why we've designed a platform that allows parents to tailor the content specifically to their child's interests, age, and gender. By inputting this information, parents ensure that their child enjoys a personalized and engaging experience, with content that's not only educational but also perfectly aligned with their child's individual needs and preferences.


This approach helps create a more impactful and enjoyable learning journey for each child, making the app a valuable resource for both education and entertainment.

The app

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