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Katana Safety is a new, mobile, one-of-a-kind security system that travels with you on your smartphone.


We played a supporting and advising role in development of Android and iOS app as well as initial backend setup. Product is used as a personal safety addition with a couple of bluetooth peripheral devices and a call centre support.


User has an ability to add people to his Social Safety Network (SSN) which get notified when he triggers and alert from the app or from any of the bluetooth devices, at that point SSN contact gets a link over SMS or email that he opens with any browser on his phone or desktop computer and sees his friends location with an ability to quickly respond to the alert.


There is a subscription component that includes a call centre that calls you or dispatches emergency services to your location.

Goal here was to make the user aware of the services he has to allow to run, especially in the background, and give permission to in order for the app to fully function.


Services like location tracking and background execution. UI/UX is pretty straight forward with a few buttons for alerts, users and SSN users profiles. Simple device connection screens, standard sidebar navigation and intuitive setup process.


One limitation was to make it quickly adjustable because client was offering a few custom b2b solutions.



Since the main feature is personal safety QA on this project was running constantly and was very important part of the creation process.


Triggering thousands of alerts from all imaginable situations, verifying location accuracy and refresh rates, working on a more usable and straight forward UI and squeezing the essence of bluetooth was a daily mission.

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